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Job is a work assigned to the person to be done by job holder. Job is a post of employment. Job may be full-time or job may be part-time. The person who is seeking for a job we may say he/she is seeking a job. The job may be a computer job, doing a job or work sitting in front of the computer by typing something from the keyboard. Or job may be a physical job doing work physically. There are many conditions in which job holder is not satisfied by his/her job. This may be due to his knowledge or qualification. Or this may be due to his type of job he is doing. Job holder may be unsatisfied from his job due to his interests.Whenever job seeker finds a right type of job for him, the first step of his job is job training. The type job training depends upon the type of work he has to do. The right type of job training prevents the job holder from accidents and allows the job holder to work more efficiently. The job may be given to job seeker on the basis of their qualification or job may be given to a job seeker on the basis of their age. Because jobs are also be divided into categories based on adolescent, adult etc.

Australia has always been the place for employees. There are many organizations that provide good jobs to the people from overseas and thus these industries are highly promoting employment in Australia. Here a person can get a good working environment along with good salary. Job Training is also conducted by these industries to train new employee to do a particular job. Training enhances the knowledge or skills of a job holder to do a particular job. The training of a job holder may be conducted by company on a monthly basis or regular basis.

There are certain government agencies that help the job seekers to find a right type of jobs in Australia. These agencies are also known as employment agencies that help the people to find a right type of job based on their interests and their qualification.

Jobs should also be analyzed. Job analysis refers to the process of analysis the jobs in terms of qualification, skills, knowledge, training required to do a particular job. The payment of job may be given as salary or wages. The job salary is meant to that is given on monthly or yearly basis whereas job wages are meant to that is given to a job holder on a daily basis.

Although some jobs in the human resources field require only limited contact with people outside the human resources office, dealing with people is an important part of the job. Labor term mainly comes under production or manufacturing department.

Jobs may be enlarged by increasing the contents of a job. This may lead to employee turnover. Job holders may recently leave the organization due to high work load.

There are many companies that are providing jobs in Australia and promoting employment in Australia .

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