Getting a Job At a Talent Agency

In order to get a job in the entertainment industry, you need to sign up with a talent agency that is currently recruiting talent. When you have signed up with a talent agency, you will then be exposed to numerous jobs within the entertainment world and be sent to casting calls, auditions, modeling tryouts and even companies seeking local talent. Though this sounds relatively simple, getting hired by a talent agency can be difficult. To help ensure that you snag a talent agency that is recruiting talent, keep the following in mind:

Photos for Submission

Submitting photos does not necessarily mean submitting home photos or those you take with your friends. Professional photographs known as “head shots” are essential when getting a job with an agency recruiting talent. Research lists of requirements on the talent agency’s website when it comes to submitting photographs. Many will require that you use head shots in order to get their attention, while others will allow local talent to simply send in photographs taken by themselves or others that are not professional grade.

Submit Your Photographs

Now you are ready to submit your photographs to talent agencies that are recruiting talent. Look for a talent agency or multiple agencies that are located close to you or even in other states. Find their mailing address and photo submission requirements so that you know your photographs will not be rejected when you send them. Most of the time a talent agency that is looking for local talent will allow them to submit via mail or email.

Signing with a Talent Agency

When a talent agency contacts you regarding your photographs, they may request signing you with their company. In order to get a contract with a talent agency, local talent will need to go in for a sit down interview, photo shoot and the agency will determine if you are the type of recruiting talent they are looking for. In the event you meet the talent agency’s requirements, they will then ask to sign you with a contract. Before signing that contract, read over each portion and pay particular attention to anything regarding payment or commission. There are times where a talent agency can take up to 20% of your earnings, while others take less for their commission.

Getting Jobs

It is the duty of the talent agency you are signed with to find you work. Often they will send you to casting calls or auditions that meet your specific talents and offer you up to clients that are recruiting talent similar to yours. Always remember that local talent will still be required audition for jobs; therefore the talent agency can only get you so far within the entertainment industry and the rest is up to you.

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