Girls’ Generation 소녀시대_Dancing Queen_Music Video

Girls' Generation 소녀시대_Dancing Queen_Music Video

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adminGirls’ Generation 소녀시대_Dancing Queen_Music Video

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  1. azime palamut

    I don’t understand why sm does this. I mean they can have better original
    songs like igab, flower power, the boys, oh! or genie. why do they have to
    buy copyrights and do a remake, it’s really unnecessary. snsd is amazing in
    it’s original way.

  2. Sunny1212

    Hi guys, i’m not a Sone(i’m a cassie and elf) but could someone explain to
    me how they had parts of IGAB in this?
    Did they record the song IGAB in 2012 but not release it till later??
    Because I also saw someone saying that this was made at the same time as
    Gee, so did they actually record Gee, DQ, and IGAB all the way back in
    2009, but not film them till later?? Sorry for all the questions i’m just a
    little lost ^_^ Thanks!!!

  3. steelforge08

    i was just at the store and i thought they where playing this song i
    stopped and was like seriously!? they are playing girls generation here??!
    but it was in english i had to really listen to it, it was EXACTLY the same
    only the words where different but that really threw me for a loop for a
    second i was like wow is snsd really going mainstream here already? lol

  4. WaffleEBay12

    Alright, I triple dog dare you, no matter where you are, to get up right
    now and dance to this song! You can’t start dancing after the 3 minute mark
    of the video. If you’re past there then you have to start the video from
    somewhere in the first 3 minutes. Your only excuse is if you are
    ill/injured or at a funeral. Other than that, I triple dog dared you, so
    you HAVE TO do it.

  5. Jenny Cho

    According to sources:
    Dancing Queen was supposedly suppose to be GG’s comeback instead of GeeGee,
    but because of copyright issues (because it is a remake of Mercy by Duffy),
    SM just settled for GeeGee as their comeback song back in 2009.
    I think that’s why. 

  6. Park Soo-Young^^

    I’m now already 2 years fan of SNSD but I can clearly see now that on 00:15
    isn’t Yuri…
    When I was watching very good I was like: Whuuut? It looks like Tiffany is
    there 2 times?! And I looked which member was missing: Yuri…
    Please look good to the girl with her blue dress in the beginning, this
    can’t be Yuri, right?! Please help me out I’m really confused!!

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