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The Indian healthcare sector is growing at a rapid pace and is expected to reach US$ 280 billion by 2020. Healthcare has come up as one of the largest service sectors in India with an anticipated GDP spend of 8% by 2012 from 5.5 % in year 2009. It is estimated to be next big thing after Information Technology (IT) sector and predicted to generate more employment than any other industry. With such a high rate of progress, healthcare jobs in India are bound to increase. Jobs in healthcare sector are projected to boost up with a lot of capital being pumped in the sector. The past few years in the Healthcare Industry have been marked with dramatic changes. These developments in the recent past have lead to a creation of vast number of healthcare jobs.

Till date, approximately 12% of the scope offered by the healthcare industry in India has been tapped. This is just a small part when compared to the immense potential that India offers to the healthcare industry. Healthcare jobs in India have a huge scope of increase. Jobs in healthcare sector are projected to increase over the next decade. The healthcare industry in India is reckoned to be the engine of the economy in the years to come. Healthcare industry in India is worth $ 17 billion and is anticipated to grow by 13% every year. The healthcare sector encompasses medical instruments, healthcare in the retail markets, hospitals enrolled to the hospital networks etc. There are huge opportunities for personnel in this area especially Nurses, Paramedics, Technicians and Emergency medicine specialized doctors.

Jobs in healthcare industry are provided to as many as 4 million people in the healthcare segment or other related sectors catering to the medical industry in India in some way or the other. There are a plethora of healthcare job opportunities for the right candidates which are bound to increase in the coming times. Owing to the vast differences in medical expenses in western countries and that of India.

Due to the progressive nature of the healthcare sector in India, several foreign companies are seeking opportunities to invest in the country. Jobs in healthcare industry are highly paid. Indian professionals make a constant effort to gain the knowledge, acquire skills, and traits and so that they are preferred in the industry. Fluency in English & computer knowledge has given them an extra edge over others in industry.

With India emerging as the preferred destination for healthcare and allied services, the recruitments will further increase in years to come. Vacancy in different departments is seeing a huge surge.

Offering growth opportunities and prospects, the hospitals and healthcare jobs industry has many career options:-

Eye specialists
Child specialists
Allied Health Careers

The Criteria for Eligibility:

Different hospital jobs in India require varied qualifications types like:

For Doctors – M.B.B.S. is preferred along with M.D. in area chosen for specialization.
For Nurses – B.Sc in Nursing or a diploma in Nursing is required.
For Hospital management trainees – a diploma is required in Hospital Management or Masters degree in Hospital Administration.
For others like Dieticians, Therapists, Counselors, Assistants etc – Graduation or Post Graduation degree in the related field is required.

There are numerous departments divided based on the specific disease and treatment needed. All these departments have seen huge expansions which have lead to more jobs in healthcare sector

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