HGV Jobs in the UK

Numerous HGV (driving jobs are available in the UK. The easiest way to find these jobs is to first get an HGV license and then search for these positions online. HGV driving jobs are available all over the UK. Some people who drive HGV vehicles drive within the UK while others drive internationally. Some people prefer to drive the one-unit vehicles called the Rigid truck while others prefer to drive the Artic truck.

A separate license is needed in order to drive either type of HGV type of transport. The category C license permits drivers to legally drive the Rigid truck. The category C+E license permits drivers to legally drive the Artic truck. There is a waiting period required in between applying for both types of licenses. Usually drivers who obtain both the C and E licenses will have even more opportunities open to them than drivers who just carry the C license.

In order to find an HGV job usually those who are going through a professional trainer will have the chance to meet with recruiters. Also, job listing links are usually placed on professional HGV training sites to help ensure interested drivers that there indeed are openings available. In fact, many of the transport companies that are hiring HGV drivers are open to hiring both seasoned drivers as well as newly licensed ones. Each driver is evaluated from time to time in order to ensure that each one continues to drive safely on the road.

Many of the listings call for Class I (Category C+E) drivers and Class II (Category C) drivers. Some of the most current HGV listings include HGV position openings in cities such as Cheshire, West Midlands, Suffolk, Kent, Scotland, and other places. It is important to realize also that Listings of HGV job openings chance from time to time. Therefore, it is important for each qualified HGV driver or applicant to keep posted. Some of the available job openings include nighttime drivers, store delivery persons, and even daytime trucking positions. Some drivers may be gone overnight as well.

Benefits that come with becoming a full-time permanent HGV driver include one or more of the following: holiday pay, sick pay, pension, uniforms. Other benefits may be given to professional HGV drivers at the discretion of each individual HGV transport company. The application process differs slightly depending upon which recruitment company that you sign up with. Usually it starts out with applicants talking to a recruiter who then screens each potential HGV driver. After that would be the interview process, and if not done already then would come the driving test. HGV driver trainees have been able to train for an HGV position in as little as 5 days. These drivers then can over time earn up to £29,500 per year. This is a great start for a single person and an excellent source of income to help out a family as well. If you are determined you can make the HGV driver career work for you.

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