Horizon is a reputable fostering agency

Are you thinking of fostering a child? Have you searched London for a fostering agency that upholds the same stringent standards, and commitment to child caring and welfare that are at the heart of your beliefs? If so then there really is only one name to consider, and that is Horizon Fostering Services Limited.

Here at Horizon Fostering Services we foster the belief that placing a child with a family that allows their personality to blossom is paramount. As a well-established medium-sized fostering agency we are well-versed putting a smile on both foster parents and children’s faces. Additionally, Horizon fostering agency is Ofsted approved, and registered as part of the Pan London provider scheme.

With over a decade of experience placing children from a few months to eighteen years of age in same and secure environments we are one fostering agency with an enviable reputation. Our carer’s come from a diverse range of ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds. We believe this is integral to our success, as Horizon fostering agency is well-versed identifying and placing children in an environment that best suits their needs. Additionally, our foster carers are each well supported so, if you have any queries whatsoever or indeed have a welcoming home that you’d like to share, Horizon fostering agency can help.

If you’re thinking of becoming a foster parent then here at Horizon you’ve come to the right place. We are consistently expanding our database of carers, and welcome people from all ethnicities, cultural and religious backgrounds. From your first contact with us we’re confident that you’ll find our service to be friendly, informative and helpful. Our fostering agency will guide you through the three to four month process of becoming a foster parent, which includes helping you prepare for the assessment from a social worker, and all of the subsequent social work meetings.

Should you like to find out any more information about how to become a foster parent, or if you’re considering fostering a child then come and visit: www.horizonfostering.co.uk.

A fostering agency can help local authorities to find family placements and at horizonfostering.co.uk we are one of the best fostering agencies within London and the South East. Visit us today!

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adminHorizon is a reputable fostering agency

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