How to Be a Stripper with Beautiful Skin like Jennifer Lopez

How to Be a Stripper with Beautiful Skin like Jennifer Lopez You can have beautiful skin as an exotic dancer AND for your entire life! Check out these simple, easy ways to take care of …

adminHow to Be a Stripper with Beautiful Skin like Jennifer Lopez

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  1. Jennifer McCumber

    Stripper butt is what I referred to in the video when you sit on a variety
    of surfaces and get chaffed – and you get little red bumps and it is simply
    irritation from bumping and grinding so to speak. You can put a protective
    layer over your skin with Boudreaux’s Butt Paste and they go away!

  2. Jennifer McCumber

    Use Boudreaux’s Butt Paste! You can get it at your local pharmacy and it
    works great on what dancer’s like to call “stripper butt!”

  3. Jennifer McCumber

    Great question! I did an FAQ video on this YouTube Fan Page page JUST
    recently on how to deal with stretch marks and unwanted features on the
    skin. The best thing to do is cover them up with make-up, cocoa butter
    lotion at home and not worry! Check out our confidence and motivational
    videos on our blog! And DEFINITELY check out Freedom V because you will
    become the most confident and alluring dancer no mater what your stretch
    marks! XO!

  4. Jennifer McCumber

    Thanks for your comment! WOW! I’m impressed! See! It IS possible to stay
    young for most of your life! Please feel free to make any suggestions on
    our website blog – these ladies need to hear positive reinforcement from as
    many good examples of women as possible! THANK YOU!

  5. Jennifer McCumber

    It’s also known as Diaper Rash, and baby’s get it on their bottoms from all
    of the moisture and irritation from diapers. Same concept.

  6. Lisa H.

    Hi. I am intrested in stripping, but my stretch marks on my stomach stop
    me. Even though it is dark in the clubs, I STILL KNOW THEY ARE THERE! So my
    question is, do you know any good products, or dance clothes that can help
    hide my stretch marks, or should I not worry about them?

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