How to choose the best advertising agency

If you want your business to grow through advertising, the use of professional, experienced advertising and public relations firms can make a big difference. They can provide you tips and valuable insights about what would work best for your advertisement. They can also help you advertise your business with their expertise and resources. But finding the Best Advertising Agency for your business can be quite difficult. So here are a few tips to help you. Start by understanding the difference between advertising and PR, the traditional definition of Advertising and Marketing is “Creating or changing attitudes, beliefs and perceptions by influencing people with purchased broadcast time (radio, television, audio/videocassette), print space (newspapers, magazines, journals, programs, billboards), or other forms of written/visual media such as flyers, brochures, and billboards.” After you have decided that you definitely need an advertising agency, be certain that the ad agency realizes that advertising is only a small portion of marketing. The agency must demonstrate that it knows that there are many other marketing weapons and that it is capable of using all the appropriate ones in your potential marketing arsenal. Make sure that your account will be considered special and deserving of the agency’s top talent. Be sure to meet and talk to the people who will actually be doing your advertising: creative, media, research, etc. And see what else the creative people have created. You can also ask about the results. Avoid agency figureheads and get to know the troops who will be serving on your front line. You have to have a good relationship with the advertising agency so that the both of you can come up with a very Effective Advertising campaign. Be sure that your agency understands your company’s objectives and considers them reasonable. This understanding will be reflected in the advertising and marketing strategy that the agency creates for you. Check to see that the people who will be working on your account have the right credentials, experience, and attitude. They have to be good listeners and they should be able to understand the critical relationship between profitability and creativity. If the advertisement is not helping you earn profits, then it isn’t creative. Be positive that the people who you will work with have knowledge of your business, an interest in your business, and knowledge of the competitive situation. If the agency did their homework then by the time they present to you, they will have all these things. You can also look at the ads and other marketing materials the agency has created such as theme lines, logos, signs, brochures, videos, catalogs, newsletters, web sites, direct mail letters, postcards, posters, etc. The best advertising agency would have grown from the growth of their clients and those clients’ ever-increasing marketing investments. This is a far better benchmark than growth coming from new clients. When choosing for the Best Advertising Agency for your business, ask people from the agency to make a presentation for you with which they don’t have to spend a lot of money for. Listen to their words and be aware of the emphasis they place on the importance of a strategy. See if they know how advertising fits into the overall marketing mix and be cautious if they only speak of advertising and nothing about marketing.

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