How to Choose the Right Marketing Agency

How to Choose the Right Marketing Agency

They say choice creates confusion. Certainly, picking the right marketing agency from a plethora of options is a task in its own. This is especially true for SMEs which don’t always have dedicated staff to do the research.

This article brings you 3 ways you can select the right marketing agency for your business. Remember, a marketing agency can be great on its own, but it may not be the right match for your needs.

3 Sure-fire Ways to Pick the Right Marketing Agency

1. Are they pro-online?

Even though online marketing is still a fresh field, there are pioneers who’ve mastered the concepts well and are ready to help you tackle those online blues.

Then again, there are agencies just not quite there. How to differentiate between the two? Check if they are up-to-date with and provide service in the following:

Social networking, blogging, writing newsletters
Latest search engine algorithm changes
Experience with websites and attracting traffic, increasing Page Ranks etc

It’s absolutely okay to pick a marketing agency representative’s brains when they come to see you. After all, your business will be in their capable hands—so why not test them to your heart’s content?

2. Do they practise what they preach?

A good marketing agency will always be found practising what they preach their clients. Before you meet them, do some research in the following areas:

Are they on social media with regular updates etc?
Do they engage with their audience?
Is their website up-to-date and easily navigable?
Do they blog? What was the latest topic they wrote about? When?
Can they be found on Google? What other searches spring up when you punch in their name?

Make sure your marketing agency walks its talks.

3. Check out their clients

Before jumping into waters with a marketing agency, check out their client base. A good marketing agency will always list their clients on their website. Who are their clients? What industry? Do they have at least a few good testimonials?

Do a bit of research to clear the picture. If you know a client of the agency personally, consider asking them for their opinion.

Choosing the right marketing agency can seem to be daunting but with these quick tips, you should be good. For more such hot tips, visit our website blog at





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