How to Compare Different Nursing Agencies for Agency Nursing

Agency nursing jobs do not have the benefits of fixed job title. However, find out ways of comparing different nursing agencies for optimum career growth.


Australia employs one of the highest numbers of nurses and midwives in the world with a total estimation of 320,982 nurses. This figure was estimated by the Nursing and Midwifery Labour Force Survey conducted by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare in 2009. According to the Institute, the supply of nurses has also increased in Australia by 6.2% between 2005 and 2009. Although aspiring nurses are exposed to several opportunities critical for their career growth and experience, it is important that they are remain alert while choosing their employer. Let us discuss what an aspirant of agency nursing would require to keep in mind while comparing different nursing agencies.


Comparing Nursing Agencies for Different Career Aspirations


Here is how an agency nurse should choose nursing agencies based on different factors:

• Convenience


In this fast-paced world, many nursing agencies offer the convenience of volunteering for healthcare support to their agency nurses with the help of mobile networking. Therefore if you are studying some program or you indulge in other activities, work with agencies that offer similar kind of convenience. For example, First Choice Care has introduced an iShift application which is compatible with iphone and Android phones which they can use anytime, from anywhere to notify their availability.

• Training


While choosing a recruiter, laying emphasis on training and development opportunities is extremely important for the agency nurse’s career growth. Effective training and education at the workplace allows the nurses to demonstrate competency at their job and expand their knowledge to have an impressive resume. RNS nursing allows their nurses to join various online educational modules. They also have agreements with different training providers to help their staff clarify doubts and rectify shortcomings.

• Securities/ rewards


Although offering healthcare is a noble task, rewards in terms of sign-on bonus, full midwifery and nursing indemnity insurance and other comprehensive reward program are good for additional encouragement. While Koala Nursing Agency offers both indemnity insurance and free or subsided accommodation, RNS nursing offers a chance to earn reward points for each working hour along with birthdays. However, almost all recruiters offer some kind of free apparel to its staff.

• Opportunities


In order to learn more and enjoy your work, as an agency nurse find nursing agencies that offer ample of as well as diverse range of opportunities. With VNS Nursing Agency, nurses are exposed to work in both generalized and specialized areas of both public and private healthcare system throughout Melbourne and remote area of Victoria. On the other, with CQ Nurse, you can explore areas from Alice Springs to Great Barrier Reef and beyond.


Although agencies will differ with each other on the certain factors, use your discretion while choosing the right one for the type of growth you aspire for.

Those who aspire for an excellent career in agency nursing get introduced to a wide variety of job opportunities in Australia and overseas. The best nursing agencies look for dedicated and qualified health professionals on the website. You can even read interesting blog, about the latest events and news on

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