How to find a legal recruitment agency

Are you looking for a career in Law? Or maybe you’ve already in the industry, but need help finding your next role? If either of these are true, then it can be difficult getting the breaks you need to have success. One of the most common and successful options is to register as a candidate with a recruitment company. More specifically, a recruitment company that specialises in placing legal positions.

If you’re thinking about joining one, then here are a few tips to help you find the right one for you.

1. Do they have plenty of jobs?

Make sure the recruiter you register with has plenty of jobs, even if what you’re after is quite niche. The reason being, if they carry lots of positions, it is a good indication of the agency’s popularity among businesses looking to recruit.

2. Do they have the kind of positions you are looking for?

Once you’ve established that they are popular among law firms, then it is time to see how useful they are likely to be for you. What type of job are you after? Do they have one or two positions in this area? If vacant positions in that area may be rare, then talk to them before registering about how often a job of that kind tends to be posted.

3. Do they have a good reputation within the industry?

If you already work in the profession, then chances are that you’ll already know who the better recruitment firms are. If not, you’re going to need to speak to people who do work in the law industry and ask them for their tips. Equally, check out how many years the agency has been running for. Longevity is obviously a useful indicator of success.

4. How many placements do they make a month?

Don’t be afraid to ask them direct questions about how good they are. Yes, they may elaborate or bend the rules, but once you’ve asked a few the same thing you’ll start to have a better picture of the industry.

5. Can you compare legal jobs online?

Legal recruitment is competitive and there may be many jobs out there that you would be suitable for. It is useful if you can search through and compare jobs side by side. The better recruiters have intelligent search engines that allow you to do this.

So whether you’re looking for litigation law jobs, employment law jobs or legal executive jobs, make you find a recruitment agency service that works for you.

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