How to Find the Right Translation Agency

Smaller businesses and even private individuals have increasingly growing needs for the professional services offered by a translation agency.

Business documents are no longer the only objects of translation. This has expanded to include other things, such as websites, audio and video files, and even education certificates. Our worlds have expanded so much through communication and information technologies, but language differences still provide a barrier. This is why knowing a good translation agency has become more important than ever.

Where to Look for a Reliable Translator

There are three places to look if you want to find a good translation agency.

First, ask around. Your friends, family, colleagues, and business partners are actually the most reliable people to tell you the best providers out there. However, not everyone knows somebody who can translate a document accurately. This is why not many people succeed in finding an agency when they ask around.

The next step is to look through the Yellow Pages. There might just be one translation agency based in your locality that can provide for your needs. Most of them are located under the heading of “Translators.” You can also look under “Interpreters.”

Last, and also usually most effective, is to look up the Internet. Google alone can return thousands of results that can lead you to the websites of these companies, but, of course, you do not need to get in touch with thousands of translators. You only need to find the right translation agency. There will be advertisements, which are paid listings you usually see on the right-hand side of the screen, and there will be organic searches. The latter are usually more reliable searches, as they are owned by companies who have long established themselves on the Internet.

Getting In Touch

Before you seal the deal with a translation agency of your choice, you first have to do your research about the company you are thinking of hiring. A good consumer is someone who asks questions first before signing the contract because he wants to make sure he has done every possible thing to ensure that he only gets the best quality of services.

The following are the essentials. Don’t ever close a deal without getting the answers to these questions:

1. How much do they charge? Many translation agencies charge every thousand words. The rate depends on a lot of things, including the length of the document, its format, the nature of the text (business, technical, scientific, etc.), and when you need it to be translated. Translators usually need to see the material first before they can give you a price quote.

2. Are their translators qualified? A good translation agency, above all else, should have good translators. Ask them how they conduct their hiring processes and if their translators have undergone training to certify their expertise in translating to and from a certain language.

3. Do they have quality-control procedures? If so, what are these? In a translation agency, unlike with freelance translators, work is usually done in teams. This means that, after one translator has finished translating a document from its source language, the document is passed on to a second, and sometimes even a third or fourth translator, to ensure the quality of the service. Your company of choice should have methods such as this in place.

Charlene Lacandazo works for Rosetta Translation, a leading global translation agency.

Rosetta Translation specialises in website translation, as well as interpreting services worldwide.

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