How To Select Your Child’s Modeling Agency

Every child has at least once dreamt of being a big star. If your child ever wants to get in the entertainment industry, there are important things you should know like how to get a good modeling agency for example. However, first thing to remember is to make sure it’s your child who really wants to be in this field. Because, agents and directors will be hesitant to meet with the family if the kids are pushed by their parents instead of their own will.



It is very important for your child to be the one that wants to get in the entertainment industry. Agents and casting directors are hesitant to meet with a family if the parents are pushing the child to get in our industry. We want to see the child practically begging to get in our industry. WHY? Because once the child starts auditioning or working on potential bookings, we will know immediately if this is the child’s dream or the parent’s dream. Simply ask your child, “Do you really want to be on television and get your picture taken?” If your child answers with anything besides pure excitement and drive, I suggest signing your child up for sports or another extra curricular activity.



When looking up children’s modeling agencies around your city (or the nearest biggest city to you), check out the agency’s website and ask around with other parents in the industry. The main things you are looking for are SUCCESS STORIES. I am not specifically talking about huge projects or leading roles in movies.  But does that agency have simple success stories to prove they would work for your child? (Commercials, Music Videos, Prints Advertisements, etc.) You should expect to give your child’s agent every tool they need including professional industry-standard pictures, acting classes, listing on website and video demos for representation.



Ask the modeling agency how many children they already represent that are similar to your child’s look, age and ethnicity. This is very important so your child does not get lost in the mix. If they represent 20 children that are similar to your child, the chance your kid will get called is drastically reduced.  Also, when you visit the agency and meet for representation, remember to look around casually to see how many children similar to your child.  Sometimes your laid-back, non-intrusive investigation will help you make a smart decision.



Remember that you are interviewing the modeling agency as much as they are interviewing you. Every agency is not right for every model. You have to make sure your child has chemistry with the talent agent. They may ask your child to audition for the agency. This is normal. Also, it is typical that the agency may not make an immediate decision. Unless you are 100 percent comfortable, never sign a contract during that initial meeting. Take some time to read through the contract and do a little bit more investigation on the agency.


Fifth and Finally:

Most importantly, thank the agency for their time and immediately send a follow-up email or simple card that says “Thank you!” It is simple but will go a long way in helping the agency to know you are an easy-going family. They are signing your child, however, they have to like you as well. If they decide to pass on your child, start the process again looking for another modeling agency. Our industry has a lot of rejection. But remember, you only need one “YES” to get started! Now, go break-a-leg!


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