How to set up a marketing agency

Marketing agencies are companies which other companies contract to design or locate and apply advertisements and other forms of promotion. They may be hired by a company to produce individual adverts, packs of promotional material or sometimes even a whole advertising campaign. As well as actually designing the adverts they may also help with the distribution of the adverts and offer advice regarding what media sources to use to promote the client’s company. It’s a very competitive field and if you’re considering setting up your own agency, take note of the following advice:


- Write a business plan – to be considered as a viable business person you need a succinct and well written business plan. Identify what your company will do that’s different from others in the same vein and put you ahead of your competitors. You will need to develop a niche to become successful in advertising and this could be anything from specialising in video advertising to focusing on a specific industry.


- Look for investors – once you’ve written your business plan use it strategically. If your idea is good and original, you may be able to pitch it to potential investors and gain some much needed financial backing. There is also the option of a business loan, available from most of the high street banks.


- Check what legislation you need to satisfy – when starting a new business you may need specific licences and permits. Make sure you check what is needed for your company.


- Build up your presence – to compete in the modern world you need to have a strong presence both online and physically. Have a decent professional set of business cards produced, use a professional to design your company website and utilise modern technologies such as Twitter and Linkedin to get yourself seen.


- Provide examples and samples. To attract business you need to show what you’re made of! Create sample advertisements so your potential clients can see what you’re company is all about. Whether you have a full portfolio of examples or just a couple of ads, display them for all to see and attract a larger client base.


- Find clients. You have to be proactive to run a successful marketing agency. Seek out companies who could benefit from a new advertising campaign and pitch them your best offer. You never know, you might get lucky and there is no harm in trying.


Creating a new marketing agency is a difficult task but by no means impossible. To have the best chance at making it happen follow the above tips and you’ll be in with a shot at success!


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