Ideal Industries – Coaxial Stripper, 3-Step

Ideal Industries – Coaxial Stripper, 3-Step

Ideal Industries - Coaxial Stripper, 3-Step

  • Allows blade adjustment for 2 or 3-step stripping
  • For RG-58, RG-59/RG-62, Twinax or RG-6
  • Strips braid .240″ for dual crimp BNC and TNC connectors

The Ideal 45-520 3-step Coaxial Stripper allows blade adjustments for three step stripping of RG-58, RG-59/RG-62, Belden 8281, Trinax or RG-6 coaxial cable. This small, lightweight tool is made of injection-molded thermoplastic with built-in tension spring, center conductor cutter, and a slide adjustment. The 45-520 is made for popular dual-crimp BNC and TNC connectors, and strips both braid and dielectric up to .240 Inches (6 mm). The Ideal 45-522 replacement cassette is sold separately. The Ideal 45-520 3-step Coaxial Stripper is sold one item per package, and is covered by a 90-day manufacturer warranty. In 1916, J. Walter Becker started the Ideal Commutator Dresser Company of Chicago from his mother’s kitchen. He manufactured commutator dresser stones with the belief that every product should be worth more than the price paid for it. Service, he said, was part of the product. That idea has been the core Ideal business principle for over 90 years. Today, the many loyal distributors and customers that make Ideal successful are a testament to Becker’s original philosophy. Our electrical line contains just about everything an electrician might need for an easier more efficient job.

List Price: $ 25.00


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