important jobs needing to be filled

important jobs needing to be filled

required a VERY trustworthy person for to hold the camera while the video is going and I will also be requring back up dancers for the vids, so message me on…
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adminimportant jobs needing to be filled

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  1. Pablo2thetop

    Am I the only one who is wondering why they thought “OH! I got it ! Why
    don’t we use a Panda Costume!” A Panda, Really? I guess they couldn’t at
    least put a REAL guy!?

  2. RTenjo

    hey guys so my school has a wii there and they have just dance 4 and i have
    just dance 2014 at home.would it be a wise idea to bring my game.

  3. SeanTheOriginal

    I feel so sorry for the person in the panda suit.
    Dancing in a faux fur suit, having to do multiple takes to get this scene
    right, it must have been upwards of 110 degrees in that thing. Unless they
    ACs on high, in an enclosed dance set, being that person must have been
    like their own personal hell.

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