In memory of Jobs

For an outstanding person, people hope he will not go too early; for a good book, people hope not to finish reading so quickly; for an excellent company, people hope the foundation will be evergreen and the enterprise can be determined to make progress as time passing.


In my impression, Steve Jobs is a simple and extreme person in the pursuit of perfection. This is an impression that Steve Jobs made on me after I listened to his speech at Stanford, when I was still a student.


As for simple, it is indeed means his purpose was simple. He only wanted to create great and innovative products, and to create a living company with sustainable development; Jobs’ material life was also very simple. He did not put the material pursuit in the first place. He had more a sense of mission, as well as his pursuit of life and the desire to change the world.


As for extreme, he indeed had many incredible acts. He could eat just a kind of vegetable during a certain period, such as eating carrots. He ate as if his body has changed into orange, which is very extreme.


His many acts and idea are very different. There is no furniture in his house: he was asking for too much, so he disdained the general furniture and the house had little furniture.


His minimalism, extremeness and distinctiveness are in part related to his life experience: he was an adopted child, who was different from those children who live in traditional families with their birth parents; but he was not an orphan, because he has parents that adopted him; but he was really abandoned, and then was adopted. This in itself led to his difference from other people.


Reflections on life and death when he was young opened the potential life of Steve Jobs, which was also the source of his strong sense of mission and urgency.


Before having cancer, Jobs thought that he would die when he was relatively young. He had this feeling earlier, so he had always been in a hurry and always felt a lot of things should be accomplished in his lifetime, so he has a sense of urgency. Probably because of this mentality, it led to his long-time busyness and too much mind.

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