Iron Maiden – Dance of Death

Iron Maiden – Dance of Death

Iron Maiden – Dance of Death Members: Bruce Dickinson – vocals Steve Harris – bass guitar Adrian Smith – guitar Janick Gers – guitar Dave Murray – guitar Nic…

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  1. Jesus Azocar

    This song kicks asses, but when I look the cover art, despite I’m used to
    the Eddie cover arts, I don’t know why I’m feeling kinda disturbed. ¿Anyone
    else thinks the same here?

  2. Mikko Rantanen

    It’s a predictable song. That chord progression, C-D-E minor has been done
    a billion times, it’s a sign of lack of inspiration. Early Maiden is ok.

  3. slaytacular

    one of the shittiest album covers ever…i bet it was the producers nephew
    or something (“he/she was “”really”” good with computers”)
    great song, great album though

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