Is A Temp Agency Worth The Hassle?

Unemployment is at record highs and many people are turning to using a temp agency to keep them gainfully employed. But working through employment agencies can be frustrating and stressful, trying to stand out amongst hundreds and thousands of other unemployed job seekers. You may be tempted to give up on these agencies, but they can be worth the hassle.

First and foremost, it is immediate cash in your pocket. If you have been out of work for any period of time, you probably are getting desperate for income. A temp agency can provide you with quick money that you need to keep food in your stomach, your lights on, and gas in your vehicle.

If you have practical skills to provide to employers needing workers, you are the kind of worker that temp agencies are looking for. The more that you have to offer the better your chances you have of HR consulting being interested in getting you employed. When you apply, list every skill that you have, no matter how insignificant you may think it is.

Although the work will probably be short term, minimizing your gaps in unemployment will oftentimes be beneficial during your search for permanent employment. Potential future employers will see your dedication and determination to stay employed when you are applying for other jobs, even if it meant taking a pay cut or reduction in hours.

Temporary work also offers the benefit of gaining more experience in fields that you may not have any background knowledge. Most temporary employers train their new staff on the skills required to complete the job. Even the agency may have courses or training material for you to study before entering a job. You can use this to your advantage when applying for other permanent positions. Employers are usually looking for employees who have a broad range of skills.

Most people that apply for work through temporary agencies are ultimately looking for permanent work. An agency can offer a two-fold approach to helping you get employed indefinitely. First, many of these placement agencies offer permanent recruitment programs to well received-workers. Additionally, many employers use temporary workers as a form of screening for permanent positions. They use temp agencies to be able to cycle through workers until they find one that they like and offer temporary employees that they like steady work.

A lot of agencies also offer some form of benefits package. This can include retirement plans, medical and dental insurance, life insurance, holidays, and vacation time. Even if the work is temporary or on-and-off, having the benefits along with a steady paycheck are well worth any hassles that may be incurred.

A final advantage to temporary working is that the work schedules are usually very flexible. If you need certain times off, the agencies are usually willing to work with you and place you into work that fits your scheduling needs. Whether you need the time to complete school or to attend to family matters, they are generally willing to work with you.

With the economy in a rough place, many people are turning to the temp agency to find employment. It may seem like a hassle to work with an agency, but the benefits far exceed the hardships. If you need money and are willing to expand your horizons with new skills, temp agencies are there for you.

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