IT jobs in Dubai

IT jobs in Dubai

Dubai has proved to be one of the fastest growing economies in the world, with a plethora of jobs around. IT industry is one such domain that has dominated the job market in Dubai. With total sales marking a whooping $ 3 billion, global economic down turn does not seem to have much affected the demand for IT products and services in Dubai. Not only this, the sales are expected to shoot up at a compound annual growth rate of 14% in the coming years, due to continuous demand from government. This condition has proven to be a boon for the IT jobs in Dubai, inviting new investments and brains.

It is expected that an expenditure of $ 1.6-2.2 million will be made per year by the government to increase the number of IT jobs in Dubai. Government of Dubai is also planning to implement its plan of getting 90% of its services online. Alike other countries, industry of IT jobs in Dubai, performed well with expansions in the employment sector, with the salary of IT professionals getting increased by 10.8 per cent. IT jobs in Dubai are mainly divided into hardware and software employment. The industry is mainly targeting software developers for the IT jobs in Dubai, which is expected to increase more in the coming years.

Applying for jobs It is a good move if you are looking for IT jobs in Dubai. However, it is also advised by the experts, that you must secure a position before taking the flight. Always be clear in mind that you need to have high-levels of formal qualifications and substantial work experience and must have crisp and accurate answers to the questions of the employers. Keep your resume updated and tailor it with the cover letters according to the specific job. Work out on your skills and highlight them on your resume. Present you skills and experience wisely and nicely.

It will be an add-on if you have a work experience or language abilities of any Middle East country. Many jobs are published every day in the field of IT, among which, the most alluring IT jobs in Dubai include:

• Information technology.

• Network administration.

• Computer systems administration.

• Systems management.

• Hardware engineering.

• Software engineering.


You must be well trained in the languages requested for various projects. Experience is essential to move up and assume duties of greater responsibility. Here is the brief description of the job levels in the IT industry in Dubai:

1. Program developers: Mostly categorized into junior and senior. Work experience matters, with less than 6 months of experience, you come under the category of junior. If you have an experience of around 2 years, you are qualified for the post of a senior.

2. Programmer Analyst / Team Leader: After few years of experience, the programmer can qualify for the responsible positions, such as development of the project, or move to the category of Programmer Analyst or Team manager. An experienced professional is always considered by the company to manage his staff and a larger share of technical responsibility in the project.

3. Analyst: The position of technical, functional or organic analyst requires a higher level of responsibility and expertise.

4. Project Manager: The top most spot, the head coach of programming development, taking care of its diverse staff.

The duties of a project manager are leadership and team structure. The fast growing economy of Dubai promises great employment prospects and quality of life, this is the reason why the city has attracted various software professionals from around the world, no matter if they are contractors or permanent staff. So if you think that you have the right qualifications and attitude, go ahead, jobs in Dubai are waiting for you!

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