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What is an IT Tester?

IT testers are responsible for ensuring that a specific component, technological process, or system works as it is supposed to. In order to do this IT Tester are tasked with operating the system or component under scrutiny before it is actually used by those who need it, whether that be a global business or an individual. Testing jobs require technological knowledge in order for you to be able to critique the systems in front of you, however it is also important that you are able to think critically about what problems could arise in the future as well have a keen eye for detail.

Tester jobs cover many different areas of IT including web technology, software testing jobs, games testing jobs and information systems in organisations across the world.

How to become an IT Tester.  

Due to the spectrum of opportunities for IT Testers, the qualifications required will depend on the area of IT that you wish to work in. Generally, an undergraduate degree in computer science or a related subject is required. Other subjects that are looked upon favourably for those looking for tester jobs include computer engineering and information technology. If you are keen to continue your studies, a master or doctoral degree can help open more doors for you to start your career in positions with greater supervisory responsibilities and bigger salaries. While at university it is recommended that you focus on the basics of computer science as well as advanced software and hardware. Taking modules that go in to detail on the design and maintenance of software and hardware components can also be hugely beneficial for when you are looking for IT Tester jobs.

As with most IT jobs gaining experience through an internship or volunteer work can be hugely helpful when it comes to making the first steps in your career. At this early stage it is not vital that your experience is in IT Testing. Exposure to IT work in general will help you to stand out from the crowd. By getting involved in the IT industry early on can also help you meet people who will be able to provide you with references when you are looking for full time work and contacts that may be able to highlight opportunities to you or even put you forward for roles that they become aware of.

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