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It’s no secret that times are tough for people who are looking for job opportunities for felons. Unemployment rates are so high that it’s very hard to find job opportunities for felons. Some jobs are still available but the job market has become very competitive. So when you look for job opportunities for felons, make sure that you are ready to compete with all the other people who also want those jobs.

Job Opportunities for Felons: How to Prepare for the Job Market

Expungement – do you know if you can get your felony expunged from your record? Consult your lawyer and find out.

Background checks – most employers will now do background checks. Before you even apply to the job for felons that you find, you should know what information will turn up when someone does a background check on you.

Resume – prepare a professional-looking resume. We suggest that you do not mention your felony in your resume.

What to wear – jobs for felons are not that common so when you do find one, make sure that you dress the part. When you get the call for an interview, ask them what you should wear. Suits are a must for corporate jobs. For others, business casual attire might be more appropriate. That means wearing a collared shirt and slacks or khakis for men. Women should wear a blouse or sweater with a skirt or slacks.

Job interview strategies – it’s best to be honest because most employers do background checks. When you are asked about your past, you should express regret for your mistakes but emphasize that you have moved on and that you are a different and better person.

How to Find Felon Friendly Jobs

Internet job boards – do an internet search for the type of companies that hire felons that you are aware of.

Organizations – although there isn’t one national organization that helps find job that hire felons, there are some that can help you. Call your state employment agency and ask about any programs or resources that can help you with job opportunities for felons.

Friends and family – your friends and family might be able to help you find a good job. Give them a call but don’t ask them for a job. It’s not likely that they themselves will be able to give you a job unless they own a large business.

However, they can still help you by:

* Finding companies that hire felons.
* Getting in touch with other people who can help you. This includes recruiters, HR managers, former colleagues who work at a company that is currently hiring and other such people.
* Giving you some advice.
* Serving as a character reference.
* Recommending you to potential employers.

Due to the high unemployment rates nationally and the lack of job for felons, many people find themselves settling for jobs which are not what they want. Although this is not exactly ideal, it is still better than having a long history of unemployment.

For ex-felons who really want to better themselves and get the best job opportunities for felons, building a good work history is very important. Consider this: virtually no employer will take a chance on an ex-offender who got out of jail three years ago and has not had any jobs since. On the other hand, an ex-felon with a solid work history will be able to apply for better job opportunities for felons. So be patient and keep on working hard and looking for job opportunities for felons.

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