Jobs Are On Congress’ Mind

The world has been in a recession for many years now. Some experts say we are out of the recession, while others say we never exited from it. No matter what point of view you see, it is obvious that most of the world suffered financially over the last five to six years. The elaborate days of the 90′s are over. Today, people are more frugal with their money and being smart with one’s money is the “in” thing to do. People are making their money work harder for them, as they try their best to stretch out every penny. The challenge is to make your money go farther as inflation creeps its ugly foot into the door. Gas prices are on the rise, which makes everyday things more expensive. The ultimate problem with the economy is the loss of jobs. The United States currently is hovering around 9% for its unemployment rate, and it does not appear that it will come down anytime soon. Congress and the President are working hard to create incentives for companies to create more jobs, and to stop outsourcing.

One such industry is the pulse oximeter industry. A pulse oximeter, also known as a pulse ox, is a medical device used to measure the blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate of an individual. The growth of the oximeter industry has been great over the past five to ten years. For this reason, more and more jobs are being added by pulse oximeter companies for various positions. A recent study done asked an oximeter company about why they preferred their employees to be in the United States and not outsourced, which had some interesting facts. It was stated that the medical industry responses better to local people. Business results have shown this as well as sales have been higher when a local sales partner was handling business. The pulse oximeter industry is not the only industry to move in this direction, but it is one of the smaller niches that have shown great results using new congressional policies.

The economy will bounce back when the ingredients set forth by the government is right, but until then it will be up to every corporate industry to do its part to help in recovery efforts. A pulse oximeter is just one device that has helped recovery, but if thousands of other products and their industries joined in then jobs would bounce back.

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