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In today’s diverse retail environment, few stores have the dynamic reach and geographic penetration that Kohl’s department stores do. As one of the premiere discount clothing and home goods retailers in the US, it is no surprise that jobs at Kohl’s are in high demand. Job seekers are drawn to the stability of this national chain as well as the wide range of benefits that they have to offer – not the least of which is the popular employee discount!

Today’s job market is volatile, and many job seekers find themselves turning to employers that they might not have considered even just a year ago. Already a popular employer for job seekers that are used to working in a retail environment, Kohl’s has found their positions are now being sought after by a wider range of applicants. For those that are looking at positions in retail, jobs at Kohl’s are especially attractive, because of the pleasant working environment that Kohl’s has to offer.

Unlike some of the large discount chains, Kohl’s does not have mandatory overnight shifts for newer employees. Kohl’s employees are not forced to wear a uniform, and are instead encouraged to wear apparel that is sold in store, which they are able to purchase using their employee discount. Kohl’s also offers medical, dental & vision benefits as well as life insurance and adoption assistance.

One of Kohl’s long time philosophies is that their growth is due to their associates, and that high expectations are a two-way street – Kohl’s expects great things from their employees, and believes that their employees should expect great things from them as well.

Benefits like these are part of what makes opportunities to work at Kohl’s so appealing. People are drawn to names that they know and trust, and Kohl’s solid reputation and brand recognition make the retailer an attractive option for employment. As a standout in their industry, jobs at Kohl’s are viewed as an excellent opportunity, with room for growth and advancement. This kind of presence can only serve to grow the company that much more, and make Kohl’s that much better of an opportunity!

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