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The type of nursing job you can get depends a great deal on what kind of nurse you are.  The term “nurse” is actually a generic term given to an individual who provides some level of assistance and takes on a particular number of responsibilities in the medical field.  However, even though the kinds of jobs for nurses varies, depending on what kind of certification they may happen to hold, the function any nurse holds is of vital importance in the success or failure of a medical practice and medical institution.  This is why it is imperative that a nurse receives the education and training necessary to uphold the high standards their field has.

There are a number of work settings that nurses can find themselves and some choose to focus on a specialist area, therefore, requiring them to undergo specialized training and education.  A nurse can specialize in the field of pediatrics, focusing on nursing that involves children, or can choose to specialize at the other end of the spectrum in the field of geriatrics, focusing on nursing that involves the elderly.  A nurse can also specialize in caring for those with physical disabilities and need rehabilitation and they can also specialize in caring for those with mental disabilities and need constant care.

There is quite a high demand for nursing professionals in many countries; thus, making jobs for nurses one of the more seemingly lucrative in the medical profession, especially if a nurse from another country were to be employed in a country such as the United States or the United Kingdom.  More often than not, if a nurse has more advanced training and education, the more the opportunities for them to find jobs that have higher remuneration and more chances for them to be considered for job promotions.

A certified nursing assistant or CNA is usually tasked to perform duties in a hospital or a nursing home.  They take on the role of caregiver and provide assistance for patients who may not be able to sufficiently care for themselves.  They also take note of their patient’s vital signs and keep the head nurse updated on any changes regarding the patient’s condition.  On the other hand, a licensed practical nurse or LPN takes on the same tasks as a CNA but also perform duties related to laboratory and testing work.  They are under the supervision of a registered nurse or RN but are allowed to supervise CNAs.

The jobs for nurses highlight the great responsibility that is places upon each of their shoulders.  The care and welfare of a patient relies heavily on the kind of nurses that they have.  It is about time that nurses, regardless of what kind of nurses they may be, receive the recognition that they deserve for performing the kind of duties and holding the kind of responsibilities that make them an integral part of the health care system.  It takes a special person to do what they do, day in and out.

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