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Al Khobar, a large city in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, is bustling with large scale development activities. It forms ‘The Triplet Cities’ together with Dhahran and Dammam and has a combined population of over 2 million. Among the important cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah and now Al-Khobar or simply Khobar. Jobs in Khobar are now gaining attention of the professionals willing to move to Saudi Arabia who have been only looking for options in Riyadh and Dammam until now. Khobar has been a small port on the Arabian Gulf in the past but transformed into an industrial hub with the discovery of oil.

It has today become a center for export-import activity and a commercial hub of the Eastern Province housing the leading banks and hotels of the country. The city offers good healthcare services with various private and government hospitals extending medical services to the people. It is a tourist destination with numerous tourist spots like kilometers long beaches, beautiful gardens, amusement halls, cornices, picnic spots, etc. for providing recreation centers to the locals. Even the education sector is flourishing with more than 100 private and public schools in the city. This throws light on the prospering economy of the city and the subsequent creation of jobs in Khobar also known as Khobur in some areas. Khobur may not be a very popular destination for migrant workers but is sought after by Saudis and locals in the Middle East. With government’s initiative of Saudization i.e. employment of native workers into the private sector, efforts are made to train and educate Saudis in skill specific areas. This is aimed at not only reducing dependence on foreign help but will also help the country utilize its manpower in a better way. Khobur boasts of modern malls and awesome eating joints extending hangout places for the residents. It is overall a great place to live in Saudi Arabia with decent infrastructure and recreation facilities that are growing further.

Thus, with plenty of jobs in Khobur and a relaxing lifestyle, it has become a nearly ideal career destination for many. Khobur is divided into 4- Khobar, Subekha, Thuqba and Aqrabia with first 3 as commercial areas and the last one home to nearly 50% of the city’s population. All its sectors from healthcare to finance to hospitality to education to tourism are apparently blossoming attracting well trained and qualified professionals to the city. Saudi Arabia jobs pay handsomely along with a relaxing lifestyle but one may need to make some compromises in liberty. It is not a very modern country since it is just an emerging economy dominated by Islamic rule but is gradually coming out of its conservative setup.

Jobs in Middle East generally offer a rewarding experience as tax-free salaries with all basic facilities paid by the employer leaves huge savings with the professionals. Those applying for jobs in top management particularly prefer working in Middle East since employers in the region pay at least 3 times of what expats get in their native lands. Middle East jobs can be applied for through newspapers, however, it is believed that only 25% of the vacant positions are advertised outside the company. Most of the candidates are hired via personal references and this is why networking has become an important tool for those willing to work in the region. If one has good personal contacts with those already working in a particular city, industry or company, then the process of getting absorbed gets much simpler. One can join online expat forums and communities to expand their network.

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