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When people talks about animation industry most of the people describes it as a cool, amazing, interesting, glorious, and so on. No doubt that the individuals who have completed their studies in computer graphic animation are constantly searching for good career opportunities with better jobs in animation industry.  

As a matter of fact, no matter in which part of the world you are in, there must be a shortage of job vacancies for animators, ultimately shortage of jobs in animation industry. If we sum it up, there are more people pursuing to become animators than the studios offering the positions.

In the midst of this competitive market scenario, this is the opportunity and place for the computer graphic artist to enhance his skill set and excel in representing and packaging himself. At first you may need to learn the art of effective communication skills. In most of the cases submitting the Showreels for jobs in animation in bigger studios might not be sufficient enough to get the attention that you are seeking for. This is because ‘as bigger they are as busy they are’ they might be too stuffed with their work and overlook your portfolio. So to overcome these situations, it is good to participate in trade exhibitions, software launch and technology expo events, chances are that you can get acquainted with lot of animation studio executives. Ultimately, getting to know someone directly and with having a name to contact you, you might get your portfolio to be viewed faster. And if your Showreel is good, you can get hired by a studio, especially when they are looking out for some new talent.

But sometimes even if you have some contact, your Showreel is really good yet still you may not be able to get a job in animation. This is because the animation studio is not looking to hire someone at this point of time. Still it’s not a time to be disappointed as they will keep your portfolio for future when they do have a vacancy.

Moreover, there are indeed number of industries wherein you can get the jobs in animation. For a start you can start working with web designing company, graphic designing company, game designing company, architectural firm, a media company, a product design company, an advertising company or even an automobile company. Many of these companies are always in search for talented 3D artists who can design some great work presentations for them. You can also built a Showreel for them and submit. In fact, it is also a good way to start your career and to gain the experience. As most of the animation studio don’t want to hire the candidates who doesn’t have the experience. By getting an opportunity to work in other firms as a 3D or CG artists you can gain the experience and can make your way up in getting the jobs in animation studios.

To sum it up, all these are some ways and suggestions to get jobs in animation industry. However, the true potential lies in the aspirants, his talent, skills, confidence and zeal.

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