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MY MURAL AT KC’S OLD PINK DOOR BAR ON THE 12TH STREET STRIP…Owner gives it his final tap of approval…60s photo
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Mike was a great guy who enjoyed life to the fullest. He owned, or managed, or it seemed he did, the PINK DOOR GO GO BAR on the old 12th Street Strip in Kansas City, Missouri. Here, he is putting a finishing touch on the mural I designed and painted for the establishment. Trying to recall how long it took is a task because I stretched the job as long as I could. The benefits were good and I enjoyed the environment. There were no restrictions on smoking back then. The customers were able to enjoy the freedom of lighting up and blowing second-hand smoke, if they so agreed, in the others face. The dancers often came in early and practiced their special routines for the evening shows. I did not let them distract me from my work. Mike or whoever was on duty kept me hydrated at no charge while I painted. The mural was the pride and joy of the club while it was in operation.

As the major industrialized countries of the world struggle to bear with the volatile situation of the global economy, Australia has emerged largely unscathed. With the unemployment rate hovering around 5.4 percent, Australia is in far better condition than other developed countries around the world.

Immigrants are moving to Australia in record numbers and a big reason is because they want to take advantage good job opportunities. As a matter of fact, not much has changed in Australia in the past few years. Unemployment rates in Australia have remained rather low over the past decade. Australia has been and still remains a top destination for skilled and professional workers seeking to immigrate to a country where the quality of life is better.

If you are thinking of moving to Australia it currently has a severe skills shortage in many industries. If you have enough skill then the land of Australia is enough fruitful for you. You can find lot of job opportunities in states of Australia. In Brisbane, Queensland, Melbourne there are lot of chances to get good job because there is lack of skilled personnel. Its very easy to find jobs in Australia. You can find staff solution companies on internet. Submit your resume and after a short span get labour jobs related to mine work, industry work, metal work are always available in Australia. Some companies give training for short period then recruit those trainees in different companies.

There are various companies in Australia which provides staff solutions to employers as well as employees. Employers are looking increasingly more overseas to fill their labor needs. These Employers ask for labour to staff solution companies. Those staff solution companies and career resource websites also offer information on specific contacts, training programs for career development and relocation, regional industry trends, salary ranges, regional cost of living, position requirements, and an endless amount of other important information.

Moving to Australia can be a fun and exciting task, especially if you plan to pursue your dream career abroad. The climate, great culture and friendly locals have made this a top destination for people looking to relocate to a new place and start a new life. The country has also consistently ranked high for its quality of life, health care, public education, human development and economic and political freedom. 

If you are not too fussed about where in Australia you end up, another option is to secure a job before moving out there. There are many ways to go about this. The first and best option is to just search the web. There are many great online directories that list current openings for businesses across the country. You might also try looking at the internet site of corporations that interest you to see if they have listings on their human resources page. Finally, check out employment agencies that have branches in both your country and in Australia. These agencies will have insider knowledge about upcoming job openings and will be able to help you provide the required paperwork for applying for both the job and any visas. So do some clicks on internet then you will find lot of job opportunities definitely.

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