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One of the most advanced economies in the world, Canada offers knowledge based service sector jobs. Though agriculture sector is vibrant and contributes significantly in national development, not many people work in it. Neighboring state of the USA, Canada is quite competitive in terms of IT services, automobiles, agricultural products, chemical solutions, etc. which are some of the leading sectors in Canada in terms of employment generation.

Recent recession increased the vulnerability of employment in Canada and the country recorded unprecedented unemployment. The country is expected to see better employment opportunities in 2010-11 wherein jobs in IT sector, education, automobiles, finance, etc. are expected to surge. Federal government of Canada with its initiatives helps people who are seeking a job in Canada with various methods and one of them is Human Resources and Skills Development Program.

In Human Resource and Skills Development Program which often termed as Benefits and Support Measures, the government tries to offer Employment Assistance Services, Job Creation Partnerships, Labor Market Partnerships, Skills Development, Self-Employment, Targeted Wage Subsidies, etc. amongst others. Notwithstanding, governmental efforts in partnership with all the provincial and territorial governments try to up the employment level in Canada.

Offering extremely attractive growth prospects to people, Canada jobs are considered as good as good of the US and Western Europe. A member of G8, Canada has done well post-industrial revolution particularly in service sector wherein nearly 75% of GDP comes from it. Moreover, settlers from European countries particularly from the UK and France helped in the growth and development of the nation. The sad part is that they sidelined the aboriginal people of the land.

Most of the jobs in Canada come in sectors such as Franchising, News media, Hospitality industry which includes restaurants, hotels, casinos, etc. Additionally, some other sectors such as consulting, legal practice, Healthcare/hospitals, Waste disposal, Real estate, Personal services, Business services, etc. are some leading generators of employment in Canada. Whereas skilled workers from around the globe flock in large numbers for jobs in Canada, a number of Canadian youngsters move to the USA for better and bright opportunities.

Notwithstanding, the low stature, agriculture sectors offers employment opportunities to those who lack fundamental skills for working in service sector. Cities such as Montreal and Ottawa are leading industrial and commercial cities wherein educated and skilled workers come for employment. Reason for increased attraction in jobs in Canada can be attributed to the fact that jobs are high paying and there is full respect for human labor. Real Estate development in Canada triggered the development and growth in construction sector in last decade.

Various sectors of Canada economy including of retail sector, financial services, real estate, education, health, high-tech, entertainment and tourism, etc. generate much of jobs in Canada. Mineral rich Canada has number of mining jobs where miners work for production of raw materials. Additionally, MNCs with offices in various cities in Canada provide plus salaries and excellent growth opportunities for skilled trained human resource coming from top notch universities from the country and the USA.

Jobs In Canada

Canada Jobs

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