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1967 Coca-Cola Ad, with Dancer-Actress Carmen De Lavallade
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Vintage 1960s magazine advertisement, Coca-Cola, with dancer, actress, and choreographer Carmen De Lavallade, 1967

Brief bio from Wikipedia:

Carmen De Lavallade (born March 6, 1931) is a dancer, choreographer, professor and stage and film actress. She was born in Los Angeles, California to Creole parents from New Orleans, Louisiana. She was raised by her aunt, who owned one of the first African-American history bookshops on Central Avenue.


In 1955, she married dancer and actor Geoffrey Holder, whom she had met while working on "House of Flowers." It was with Holder that De Lavallade choreographed her signature solo "Come Sunday," to a black spiritual sung by Odetta Gordon. The following year, De Lavallade danced as the prima ballerina in "Samson and Delilah," and "Aida" at the Metropolitan Opera. She also made her television debut in John Butler’s ballet "Flight," and in 1957 she appeared in the television production of Duke Ellington’s "A Drum Is a Woman." De Lavallade also appeared in several off-Broadway productions, including "Othello" and "Death of a Salesman."


In 2004, De Lavallade received the Black History Month Lifetime Achievement Award, the Rosie Award and the Bessie Award in 2006 and the Capezio Dance Award (in 2007), as well as an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts from Juilliard in 2007.


Published in Ebony magazine, April 1967, Vol. 20 No. 6.

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Life becomes truly meaningful when you do a job that you love, in the place you love and among people you love. For small town people and those having to migrate to the metros this seems to be a dream that can never come true. But in Dehradun it can all come true. Not only is the place surrounded by nature but it also has flourishing opportunities for jobs. Getting jobs in Dehradun have become pretty easy now and one of the main reasons for it has been its closeness to the Indian capital- Delhi. The city is close to the National Capital Region (NCR) and thus has been chosen as one of the “Counter Magnets” where industries can be set up to disperse the stagnation of NCR. The town is also known as Doon.

BPOs, KPOs, software companies are fast mushrooming in Dehradun and today finding a job in Dehradun is not tough. Many multinational companies are also setting shop in this Garhwal hill station. Many local entrepreneurs are also establishing many kinds of companies in the region. For all these reasons, getting jobs in Dehradun is no longer tough. The locals you do not want to leave their beloved town to get a job somewhere else have many opportunities in Dehradun. There are also many local search engines that are also providing information about Dehradun jobs. You can search for jobs in Doon in a local website called all in doon. Apart from many kind of information about Dehradun, the website is also a very good place to look for jobs.

If you are a student in Doon and want to work while you study, the BPOs in Doon have very good and flexible offers. They give the students with good communication skills and good command over English an option to work for only five or six hours and draw a comparatively good salary per month. If you are a technocrat and want to settle in Doon, there are many jobs for you too. There are many software development firms which have become very popular over the years and have international clients too. It is a known fact today that India is a great and cheap place to outsource such development work and Dehradun has already made a mark in this regard.

The place also offers very good opportunities to work from home. Dehradun jobs in content writing, creative writing and technical writing are immense. You can log into the all in doon website to get the latest positions available in Dehradun.

Now working is no longer a thing that breaks your back and makes you slog for hours. The pleasures of life can be enjoyed when you have a job in Dehradun.

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