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The biggest employer in Hamilton is Construction industry; Educational services, Health Care and social assistance, and other services like Finance, insurance and real estate also contribute major job openings. Manufacturing, Professional jobs, scientific and technical jobs are plenty too. The construction industry in Hamilton has seen considerable growth from 2006 growing at 8.8 per cent per year. Consequently real estate has also seen increase in growth and the job openings have increased too.

The most important activity however remains manufacturing and the Ontario-Hamilton area is one of the biggest industrial areas in the country and major industry products are motor vehicles and parts, iron, steel and other metal products. Electrical goods, machinery, chemicals, petroleum products, paper and coal products also form a chunk of the industries that constantly generate employment opportunities in and around Hamilton. But the city is more known for its steel industry because two of Canada’ major steel giants – Stelco and Dofasco are located in Hamilton and they create jobs by the thousands for various level of manufacturing and management.

The city of London is considered a top tier city of Canadian municipality for quality of life.The city is known for economic diversity and jobs in health care, education, and business are the major contributors. London is also the Canadian headquarters for prominent companies like Kellogg Canada, 3M Canada, Labatt, Diamond Aircraft and Trojan Technologies are employment generators too. The city also has great infrastructure and qualified workforce for the Customer Call center industry.

London International Airport with more than 70 scheduled flights weekly is another industry that people find employment in different fields like pilots, air hostesses, security, and airport management authorities. Since it also has extensive cargo operations the Airport also generates jobs in this sector. However manufacturing remains the largest sector for jobs employing around 38,000 people and with innovative local start-up ventures the IT industry is also finding a foothold in the city generating jobs software solutions and development. The London Chamber of Commerce and London Economic Development Corporation trying to attract many niche IT industries and other business into the city there is definite scope for more jobs in the future.

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