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It seems as if every day the news is filled with dire reports about the state of the housing industry. With so many gloom and doom stories one would think the industry was on the verge of extinction. But the reality is that many real estate companies are successfully weathering the economic storm, and there are several areas within this industry that present excellent employment opportunities.

Property management, which can encompass both commercial and residential investments, remains a thriving aspect of real estate. In both cases, the property manager is responsible for leasing out rental space. This entails knowing how much rent to charge and interviewing prospective tenants. Property managers are also responsible for keeping the building maintained and arranging repairs as needed. Most of all, property managers deal with the tenants so they need a high level of people skills, especially when it comes to collecting rents.

In resort areas, property managers are often employed to look after vacation or rental homes. Having someone local to check the house periodically and to organize regular maintenance—such as gardeners, exterminators, pool cleaners, etc.—can end up saving money in the long run and also keep your second home from falling into disrepair by catching problems as soon as they happen.

While some property managers are full-service, in some cases a leasing contract specialist is on staff to oversee contracts, help with vetting prospective renters, conduct credit checks, and assist in any way the property manager requires.

In an age when people employ life coaches it’s not surprising that there is a growing demand for real estate counselors—professionals who help consumers make decisions about what properties to buy, the best time to buy, and other considerations involved in buying or selling a property.

There will always be a need for real estate brokers, the professionals who match sellers with buyers. While the current environment has made the broker’s job more challenging, it’s a good job for anyone who has arbitration skills and the ability to forge compromise.

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