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Helicopter pilot jobs
During childhood days, many of us were behind the dream of being a pilot, right? I am sure about 90% of the people dreamt about this job. The fact behind this thing may be the curiosity and the thrill of flying a helicopter or flight. Without doubt, I could say that, for most of the professional pilots, the ultimate aim is to become an airline captain. The pay they are going to get is good and another amazing fact is that, many of the airline companies are paying around $ 200000 an year just for plying 80-85 hours a month. In addition to that, pilots are enjoying many privileges including travel pass. But one thing we have to keep in mind is that, these top salaries can be achieved only after gaining years of experience and services and is provided by only few airlines companies. When a pilot joins an airline for the first time, he will be appointed as the first engineer that means the co-pilot and not as the pilot directly. And his pay may be about $ 15000 to $ 20000 per year. In this field, a good training is necessary. All pilots flying for hire have progressed through a flight training program and have earned a commercial pilot’s license.
Overseas aviation jobs
Nowadays, there is a growing market for pilots to work overseas. This gives a wonderful chance for them to get out of their backyard and experience a different culture and thus can create a valuable flight time with high salary compared to back home. Asia and Middle East are the real hotspots for pilot jobs.
Flight crew jobs
Flight crews or cabin crews or flight attendants are responsible for the safety and comfort of airline passengers from the initial boarding to the dis-embarkment. These people are well trained to respond to emergencies and passenger illnesses. These flight crews are required on almost all the national and international commercial flights. The needs for these people are increasing day by day because of the rapid increase in the number of travelers year by year and also because of the rise of new airline companies. Just for an instance, there are approximately 102000 cabin crews employed in USA. Flight attendants perform a variety of preflight and in-flight duties. They welcome the passengers and check their tickets as they board the plane.
Flying jobs
There are several approaches to acquire pilot training. The first is through flight instruction at FAA certified flying schools. The student must be atleast 16 years of age and be able to pass a third class medical examination. A second method of acquiring flight training is through pilot training in the armed forces. This entails no expense to the student other than a five year obligation. With some additional study, the military pilot can qualify for numerous civilian pilot jobs upon leaving the service. The military service has been a major source of pilots for the airlines. Thirdly, a growing number of colleges and universities offer flight with credit toward a degree. The graduate leaves the school with a license, and in few cases, an air transport rating plus a degree.

Get a flying jobs could be anybody’s dream career. airline aviation jobsinvolveslot of traveling, glamour and lot of money and Itis a well-paying job also.

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