Jobs Scenario in Psychology

As far as the job scenario is concerned psychologists are appointed by NGOs, corporate houses, management bodies, hospitals, clinics, academic institutions and research centres. Besides, psychologists are also appointed by market research groups, correction facilities, forensic teams, Defence and mental health service centres. More and more voluntary agencies, welfare organizations and de-addiction centres are also appointing psychologists.

Counselling and psychotherapy services are required at various places such as psychiatric hospitals, general medical set-ups, de-addiction centres, schools, marital reconciliation centres (such as family courts) etc. Further, one can start one’s  own independent clinic to provide psychotherapeutic services. Apart from these, psychologists are also employed in research organisation as research scientists.

Academic counselling is also fast becoming a must in schools, thus opening up professional opportunities in the area. And with high pressure jobs being the order of the day, an increasing number of offices are also appointing psychologists to help employee cope with the stress. Further, sports Psychologists are now in demand. Usually appointed as consultants for sports psychologists are now in demand and more and more people searching for the online psychology degree. Usually appointed as consultants for sports teams, they work on the psychological factors that improve the performance of a sportsman.
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Flexible Discipline of Psychology

It is important to remember that psychology, as a discipline, is to a certain extent flexible. A case in point is one of the scholar, worked in a mental hospital as a residential doctor and was part of a year long social science research training programme at the Centre for studies in Social science in Calcutta. Later, he joined a PhD programme at the Centre for Historical Studies (CHS), Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Delhi, and started working on the formation of psychiatric knowledge in colonial India.

Clinical Psychologist

A Master’s degree alone is not enough for a clinical psychologist and an M-Phil is a must if one wants to make it big. The Indian Journal of Clinical Psychology further states that a two-year M Phil degree is the minimum mandatory requirement for a clinical psychologist. Those interested  in a Online PhD Degree need to clear the National Eligibility Test (NET) for Junior research Fellowship and lectureship conducted by the UGC or the corresponding university-level examination.

Among others, the university of Calcutta offers a two-year M Phil course in clinical psychology. Candidates are selected through a test at an all India level with a viva. With only 15 seats, the  competition is tough and the course is intensive with extensive fieldwork, seminars and indoor activities.

The Central Institute of Psychiarty, Ranchi, also offers M Phil and PhD programmes in the field of clilnical psychology and mental health. Each year, 12 M Phil and four Phd seats are filled through an open national-level entrance examination. The faculty includes one associate professor, one assistant professor, one clinical psychologist, tow assistant. Research is an integral part of the department and all faculty members and student are involved in research.

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