jobs – stRippeR, 1/3

jobs – stRippeR, 1/3

jobs dislike review.
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Who says nobody’s hiring? These samples from 35 corporate conference calls in 2010 show that firms are expanding and offering jobs all over the place! Get yo…
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adminjobs – stRippeR, 1/3

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  1. Peter Nadreau

    Talk is cheap, shizzy. When the Liberals quit penalizing rich
    Conservatives, these companies WILL return. But not until then.

  2. Peter Nadreau

    @shizzyfinn and “socialist” madness in regards to taxing people who know
    how to make money and spend it better than the Federal government. Keep
    watching Shizzy…remember what I told you about the Coffee Party? Yeah. I
    was dead on correct about that as well. ;-D

  3. Peter Nadreau

    @shizzyfinn It’s not mine. It’s a Del laptop. I happen to know it was
    manufactured in Nevada. My roommate’s PC is a HP that was manufactured in

  4. Peter Nadreau

    @shizzyfinn Supply and demand Shizzy. I refuse to purchase products that
    aren’t made in America. Even if I have to spend another $20 out of pocket
    to do simple shopping, I refuse to do it. I no longer buy Levis &
    Peppermint Patties because those two product’s owner’s moved production to
    Mexico. Eventually, Americans, even Liberal Americans, will see what is
    happening and start the boycott. Give it time. These companies will come
    back WHEN and IF Liberal politicians stop the “environmental”

  5. shizzyfinn

    @PampersPete I think the jobs go overseas because there are desperate
    people over there who don’t have better options. Which creates more
    desperate, option-less people in our own country. So Americans who are
    concerned with the plights of their fellow citizens, particularly their
    fellow citizens who are the most vulnerable, should not be content to do
    nothing as this exodus of jobs continues. We must either stop the exodus or
    start finding other ways to provide for the Americans left behind.

  6. Peter Nadreau

    @shizzyfinn You have to ask yourself what started these companies
    outsourcing. We all know how Liberals feel about protecting the environment
    at all costs. We all know Conservatives are out for a quick buck at all
    costs to the environment. What happens when Liberals impose their will
    through legislation to get Conservatives to be more environmental? They
    outsource. Simple as that. Who pays the price? Both Liberals &

  7. shizzyfinn

    @PampersPete why would they ever bring these jobs back, when they can pay
    foreign people to do them for a few bucks a day?

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