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  1. 2pacexpert

    I’m assuming everyone here hates there job, hello guys welcome to I hate my
    job class meeting, We are legion The Job Sucks Army Yeeeeaaaa!!!

  2. Jordyjg

    Just all over the board, mostly everyone reposts the joe rogan uni. one,
    but all your new ones get put up, usually in the youtube thread. Keep em
    up, you’re funny.

  3. Donovan Moore

    I appreciate your out of the box thinking. I don’t agree with you at all,
    but I do like the fact that you are creative in your thinking.

  4. the305boricua

    People don’t want jobs in an economy with no real growth and we are working
    unpurposefully for paper fiat money… which isn’t even founded on
    anything. Most jobs these days do nothing worthwhile for society. Besides
    that, new technologies are kept hidden from the masses. Tesla technology is
    classified , zpe tech etc. To keep us in slavery.

  5. Jesse Williams

    Really good video. I completely agree. This is something I’ve been thinking
    a lot about lately and I like they way you explained it, and intertwined it
    with some comedy. Most people don’t want to face the fact that 99% of jobs
    out there are meaningless and boring. It really is sad.

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