Jobs vs. Burden

Jobs vs. Burden

Like a donkey most of us dread our jobs, seeing it as a routine / mundane, meaningless and without a purpose. To the donkey, the salt was a burden. To the merchant, however, the salt could have given his family sufficient income to live for a year.

An organization where there is no people development, enhancement and rarely any professional development saps the energy of an employee. Many people find the working environment negative with prevailing culture as one of ‘just get on & do the work’ to the least possible extent. When the business owner thinks ‘it is enough that he supplied employment for his staff’ and neither invest time nor money for the better working conditions / environment of the organization, then it becomes difficult for a hard working and specially creative person to remain in the job.

While having attitude like “Why waste money or we train them, they’ll probably leave any way”, what the employer does not realize is that he is creating an environment that will de motivate the employees ….. and they would more than likely leave anyway because they feel that when the employer does not care for them, why should they make an effort to help him with the business.

It has been said that “Happy employees are productive employees”. Work environments can be energy sources. Exciting work environments provide stimulation, a sense of purpose, and a mission for both the individual, and the team.

Therefore, the employer should help his employees to find a higher purpose in their work. Let the staff see the bigger picture behind the job that the work can achieve. There must be something worthwhile pursuing, something which will motivate and inspire them, give them satisfaction and happiness, meaning and direction in life. Remember, a good work environment will give your employees confidence and a better work done.


The article has been written by Iyer Subramanian. E Mail:

My name is Iyer Subramanian. My qualifications are as under. Bachelor of Arts, Diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations, Diploma in Labor Laws & Labor Welfare, Diploma in HRM, Diploma in Training & Development. I have around 25 years of experience in HR and write for Express Hospitality, Hospitalitybiz, Business Manager regularly on HR.

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