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The Stars Align … With the Ensemble
Continue reading the main story. It may be that Denzel Washington and Daniel Radcliffe have been doing their jobs too well. …. This feels rather like acknowledging only three of the four limbs of a virtuoso dancer or athlete. Not that this …
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Eorzea Examiner #12: Jobs
So if we're adding in this Dancer Job to the Pugilist class and they've been jacks-of-all-trades before, what do we do with them in FFXIV? Since we're trying to give the Pugilist a non-DPS Job to specialize in, my thought was to make the Dancer into a …
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Johnson: Baryshnikov of Football headed to Calgary
Arguably the most graceful receiver ever to strap on a set of shoulder pads, among the most memorable components of the Pittsburgh Steelers' championship dynasty, Swann has always credited several years of dance lessons, ballet, tap and jazz, …
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