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First Look: Creature Shop
Everywhere you look on the television dial, there's a wannabe cook, model, builder, singer, dancer, husband, wife… whatever. And sadly in most cases, the aim of these contestants isn't … There's a genuine affection for the jobs at hand and a real …
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A Not-Quite-Starving Artist
“Works for me,” says Goldberg, flipping the pages in her planner. Some are chock full of things to do, marked in a lively mix of colorful ink. Others are entirely blank. She rarely knows too far in advance what work she'll have, if any. Dancing for a …
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Role and Production details
It is completely FREE to enter and is open to absolutely anyone – whether you are a solo singer, band or group, model, actor, comedian, dancer or any other talent, we want to hear from you! We will reply to all applicants within 48 hours of receiving …
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WorldStarHipHop: Houston Patron Sues Local Dancer in an Unusual Lawsuit
The dancer named Naomi tells news that she was dancing when she met patron Robert Wallace. “I have had times in the past where I had to move, I had to switch jobs, change gyms”. But she talks fondly of Wallace. Naomi tells news “he was becoming a …
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