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The power of one
High-level creative geniuses—think Elon Musk, Nikola Tesla, and Steve Jobs—often are seen as slightly off-kilter when they first come up with an idea. Their unorthodox ways of creating something new start off like the lone dancer—looking rather odd …
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US unemployment aid applications rise to 326000
The economy gained 288,000 jobs in April, the most in 2 ½ years, and the unemployment rate plunged to 6.3 percent from 6.7 percent. But the rate drop occurred because fewer people looked for work. The government doesn't count people as unemployed …

Don't Be So Surprised That Channing Tatum Is Getting Oscar Buzz
Then of course there's Tatum's work with Steven Soderbergh, primarily Magic Mike, a passion project for Tatum that drew inspiration from his life as a dancer and stripper. A lot of critical focus at the time justly fell upon Matthew McConaughey's …
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