Leadership From A Dancing Guy

Leadership From A Dancing Guy

This is leadership from a dancing guy Sasquatch music Festival 2009. Official transcript at http://sivers.org/ff — Script: If you’ve learned a lot about le…
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  1. William Santos Powell

    *Leadership Lesson We Can Learn From A Crazy Dancing Guy*

    Hey Friends,

    This is a great video I found on youtube. It’s an amazing lesson on
    leadership (that can be used on your social media accounts) and I wanted to
    share with you guys.

    *Check it out and comment below. let me know if you agree with the video
    and How your going to apply it to your business!*

    Thanks for watching,

    +William Santos Powell


  2. Jennifer Penny

    Leadership from a dancing guy- shared with me by my “first follower” and
    applies SO MUCH to the UBBT concept. I’m taking it to the lawn!
    Leadership From A Dancing Guy

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