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  1. Friends AcceptTheChallenge

    OMG EVERYONE STOP BEING SO MEAN!! If u fell on your hip then u wouldn’t
    think of saying all those things would ya?

  2. Matthew Simas

    Wow. Wimp. When your a soccer goalie. You flail harder than that wimp every
    single save. And being a canadian. Your going to hit the ice harder than
    that. Her landing was lucky. Be grateful and you call your self a dancer?
    Be tough.

  3. Veronica Silva

    Omfg she fell on her ass not her hip she cried because she fell and her
    dance wasnt perfect .She stood up and ran to the staff member then she
    started crying,if it was one of the other girls she would yell at them.

  4. D

    Wow parents are turning their kids into fucking pussies, she fell!!! So
    what? At least my parents raised me right and didn’t baby when I got a
    minor injury. She’d ask if I was bleeding or dying and if not just walk it
    off. Parents need to stop shielding their kids.

  5. Mary Elizabeth Lees

    EVERYONE! If you watch the full dance, then you see that after she falls,
    she gets up and keeps dancing! She’s not a wimp!

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