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Plastic Surgery Tips for Epic Looking Boobs as a Stripper

Check out these facts about plastic surgery to keep your beauty and health for the LONG TERM. Trends today are going for a more natural look in women – NOT overly done breasts!
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adminMale Stripper Wallingford/Hartford/New Haven Connecticut | Ct | 203-404-5717

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  1. CzarinaLace

    Hi Jennifer! I need to ask an important question that’s stopped me from
    working as a dancer–maybe this could be an faq or video topic? Anyway, how
    do you overcome feeling *physically* awkward and uncomfortable walking
    around half-naked, wearing clunky high heels, on top of having to approach
    guys, give-lap dances and dance on stage? Even if you “practice” a sensual
    routine, the physical act of walking around a club, while looking around,
    trying to maintain confidence can be daunting! Thanks!

  2. dominique stewart

    sooo umm i had a baby recently and do men really care about the scar from
    the c-section and my brests are inbetween D and DD but they arent shaped
    how they used to and they hang a lil lower so shoud i get them done or do
    men not really care about the shape as long as they are a good size

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