Man Shoots Wife So He Can Run A Way With Stripper

Man Shoots Wife So He Can Run A Way With Stripper

A head over heels in love man shot dead his wife so he could run away with a stripper. Kinney Glasson Jr, 34, is said to have been “love-struck” with the dancer, who is behind bars on unrelated…

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adminMan Shoots Wife So He Can Run A Way With Stripper

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  1. KZXten

    Yes, more and more people are acting crazy. Wickedness, evil and darkness
    seems to be increasing by leaps and bounds. So, I want to share some love
    with you today. The God of the Holy Bible loves you. He created you. You
    are so precious to Him. I pray that you will receive His gift today. The
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  2. twissandturn Garner

    Don’t people discuss their problems anymore.
    I mean talk to each other, why result in getting off with a stripper and
    then even worse killing your current partner.
    No good comes of it- obviously.
    Just say your leaving and deal with any issues that come with divorce like
    a normal bloody person.
    Worlds gone fucking insane lol 

  3. Becky XoXo

    How does that even come in to his head like.. You know what! I don’t want
    to add to divorce rates. Divorce is so mainstream! I’ll just kill the bitch
    instead. I feel so sorry for his kid, its going to mess her up for life. I
    hope he spends the rest of his day in jail! Rest in peace to his poor wife.

  4. Reva Smith

    Well I don’t have a dick. And what he did was wrong. And FUCK YOU
    Sandra!!!! That’s not even all true. People if u want the truth email me.


    What can I say… Sex and Violence.

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who get the reference. I mean, fake
    FBI? Killing for a stripper?

    … Supernatural…

  6. MrExTRACTx22

    This reminds me of Supernatural, There’s this one episode were three men
    kill there wives for a stripper but the stripper is a siren (Greek

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