Media Jobs In Mumbai

Media Jobs In Mumbai

Jobs in Mumbai in the field of media have lot of scope. Career in media can be very challenging and cumbersome but at the same time; it is also very satisfying and enjoyable.

In past 10 years media industry in India has grown three folds and it can be credited to the advent of privatization and liberalization.Every year more than 10 new media channels get launched in India and today, more than 200 channels are being telecasted. This portrays the royalty and the popularity of Indian media industry. Every media house needs employees to beat the competition and therefore, has many vacancies for various media jobs that make it a desirable career option for students. The numbers of media houses are exponentially high, than in the other states in India, which makes jobs in the media field, a lucrative career option for the people searching for Jobs in Mumbai.

Media houses are run and owned by corporate houses and is a professional field where the preference is given to the creativity, hard work and excellent communication skills. These all skills need to be implemented, if the candidate chooses the onscreen jobs in media. Majority of the jobs in media line is off the camera jobs like designing, technical jobs, marketing, public relations, copywriting, etc. A person seeking a job should know all the current affairs and should have worldly knowledge to be a part of media world, as the level of competition in the market, is very high.

Mumbai is a land of entertainment industry where millions of people come to the city to try their luck. Being the hub of Indian film industry, television industry and advertising world, it is evident that Mumbai is a place of action and a breading place for media jobs. Media hire people from all educational fields starting from engineers, IT softwares, MBAs to actors, artists and designers. The most important aspect to get a job in media industry is to have a valuable skill and having expertise in the same, can make a person very successful.

Newspapers, magazines, radio channels, news channels, entertainment channels, advertising, film industry and internet are all different mediums of communication and hence, are all part of media. The reason behind the fast paced life of Mumbai can be credited to media employees. There are many well known media institutes in Mumbai from where many talented students get graduated every year and seek jobs in media line. This line gives a chance to the job seeker to enjoy a luxurious life and meet famous personalities time to time. It is a glamorous field and thus, the first career choice of the youngsters. The scope for monotony and slow life is negligible as media line promotes new changes in society and a student in media job explores many factors of social life and current happenings each day.

Some of the media jobs are shift based. Working late in the night is a common task that majority of employees has to do. So the passion and love for work is very important for a student seeking jobs in media. Media have played an important role in Indias economic growth as it informs people about the each sectors development and growth. People investing in stock market depend greatly on the business news channels that provide information and suggestions at the same time.

Media industry is also known as the fifth wall of India taking care of the welfare of its people as well as of the constitution. The growth and expansion of media is here to stay which will produce more jobs in India in the future times.

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