Meet Ema The Stripper !!!

Meet Ema The Stripper !!!

Hey guys, New on here !! Im Ema, going to be making videos about me, my life , being a dancer/adult entertainer/stripper, call it what u want ! I’m comfortab…

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adminMeet Ema The Stripper !!!

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  1. madd hatter

    When I go to a club it’s solely to look and give money away, I don’t want
    to talk or interact with anyone but the waitress or bartender, I know the
    girls are after the most money available so I try to be nice but I only go
    a couple times a year and I like to maximize my viewing pleasure and like I
    said give money away, I don’t need small talk when they can be with someone
    who does need that personal connection. So what’s the best way to get this
    across? I delicately let one girl know this does she spread the word when
    she goes backstage? By the way your great, I hope find everything your
    looking for.

  2. putinwork425

    I can tell you do perks. Ur eyes are pinned and u stay snorting in your
    videos lol. Nothing wrong with it but u should try to get rid of your drip
    before u make a video.

  3. XhelloXkenzieX

    Can you get extensions if you have wavy hair? And do u treat them like you
    would your own hair, like straight it, scrunch it. Whatever people do Lol??

  4. EmaDopeGlam

    i 100% agree with u, i definitely take the time to talk to my customers. u
    cant just go table to table saying “want a dance? “. yeah we are working,
    but most girls dont realize that part of our job IS taking the time to sit
    down, find out the guys name, see what theyre like, crack a joke or two,
    that type of thing. but thank u so much for the compliments !!!! Much <3

  5. tannetp

    I think u would b an awesome dancer to meet, if u talk this much when you
    work lol. The club i go to the dancers just seem to pushy and fake……. I
    actually lik to talk and get to know them a little. Before i get a
    dance…. I know they’re working but damn just trying to have a good
    conversation. Lol. Good video though.

  6. EmaDopeGlam

    Hey everyone! I made a new video, but my laptop is being a piece of shit
    and only working occasionally! I’ll upload as soon as humanely possible!
    Xox Ema

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