Men With Day Jobs: Denial Tango 2014

Men With Day Jobs: Denial Tango 2014

New studio recording of this song, set to a stills montage. Written and performed by Australian group Men With Day Jobs (L-R in the pics): Rod Crundwell, Sta…
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adminMen With Day Jobs: Denial Tango 2014

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  1. Stafford Sanders

    Australian Prime Minister Abbott has shrugged off latest IPCC report (March
    2014) by saying Australia “has always been a land of droughts and flooding
    rains”. The government wants to repeal our carbon tax, the only significant
    move we’ve made on climate change, and replace it with a cosmetic policy of
    planting a few trees. 

  2. MenWithDayJobs

    Another blazing summer in Australia, hottest year on record just ending,
    bushfires sweeping across Victoria – and still we have no carbon pricing
    policy or significant government support for renewable energy. Denial with
    a capital D!

  3. Stafford Sanders

    Hilarious (if it wasn’t so tragic) outburst by Australian politician at
    - it’s been suggested we should sue him for breach of copyright. But
    nothing in our satire could match his statements for absurdity.

  4. MenWithDayJobs

    Comments made by Australian government politician George Christensen
    (Google “LNP backbencher George Christensen likens climate change to
    science fiction film plot”) could have been drawn from this song. Tragic
    thing is, he really means it.

  5. theElasticJesuz .

    The best just got better. Wish I’d have checked back on the original
    sooner. Please can I mirror this vid, making sure I give full credit and
    links back to your good selves.

  6. AustralianSpectrum

    A great new theme song for the brain damaged and high school drop outs who
    think they know more than an army of well educated scientists who study the
    evidence, correlations and facts as a basis of their knowledge and opinions

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