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With the state symbol of magnolia, Mississippi is South American state with Jackson as the capital. Mississippi construction offers jobs to several categories of workers- concrete laborers, commercial constructors, carpenters. Heavy equipment operators, Maintenance department, Hvac, Warehouse employees, managers of the constructions, project managers, project superintendents, construction laborers, crane operators, electricians, drywall laborers, painters, welders, roofing laborers, plumbers, engineers, field technicians and central technicians, tampers etc.

Jackson, Meridian, Clinton, Vicksburg, Pearl, Gulfport, Hattiesburg etc are some places with major construction work in Mississippi. There are agencies or organizations that offer services to the private constructions and projects as well as those of the government. Designing, maintenance, constructions, engineering etc are some of them.

Information regarding vacancies in several Mississippi construction jobs is available in various website on the internet. A review of these say that currently there is a demand for Heavy equipment operators, crane operators, iron workers, cement masons, construction or general laborers, contractors, project managers, Technicians and sheet metal custom fabricators. The demand for each area keeps changing according to the new projects taken up or vacancies available.

Heavy equipment operators and crane operators can get from $ 13- $ 30 per hour, depending on their expertise and experience. Iron workers can make from $ 20 – $ 25 per hour. Cement masons earn $ 13 – $ 20 on a per hour basis. General laborers are entitled to $ 10/ hour. A controller in Mississippi can earn from $ 25 – $ 30 each hour.

Same is valid for project managers. The project superintendents make $ 40K -$ 60K and the technicians earn $ 30k- $ 32K each year. Most of the jobs are paid on daily basis excepting a few. The higher the position and responsibility is more is the money. Gain among the manual laborers, more the skill required higher would be the wage, like the crane operator gets almost $ 20 more per hour than a general laborer.

A superintendent’s work in Mississippi constructions job can demand at least 20 years of prior experience like a company in Port Gibson does. A construction manager’s profile for Mississippi construction work requires 2 years of bachelor’s degree in construction management or engineering technology along with experience of 6 years in related fields.

Construction jobs in Mississippi are available round the year. It demands certain qualification criteria which once met, the job can be acquired. The beginners would have to start with small jobs and continue with small scale jobs for a long time in order to gain experience. This criterion is not applicable for the manual laborers.

To name a few companies offering construction jobs in Mississippi: Wind farm in Vicksburg and Biloxi, Jacobson companies in Como, Terminix and McGrath systems in Pascagoula, Jacobs technology in Stennis Space center, Corrections corporation of America in Natchez, Perm in Jackson, MK industries in Gulfport, Satellite’s Unlimited Inc. in Greenwood etc.

Job specific information is available against the vacancy notifications. Resumes can be sent through internet after having searched for the job and understanding of the qualifications stated as required.

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