Most Lucrative Temporary Jobs

Temporary jobs are typically offered by organizations that are in the need for some additional assistance. While seeking out temporary work opportunities, consider getting in touch with a temp agency or a job board where your profile is matched with an employer who requires your services for a limited period of time.

Temporary jobs can last anywhere between a few days to a few months. In many cases, companies even offer full-time employment to temporary workers who perform well during the trial period. It is thus a lucrative option for individuals who are looking for their first job or are in middle of jobs.

These jobs are quintessentially entry level careers and expect minimal training or experience. While it is assumed that most temp opportunities exist in the labor market, there are a number of other lucrative opportunities in taking up temporary customer service jobs, and jobs in administration and even healthcare.

Here are some of the most lucrative temporary jobs worth considering –

Team Assemblers – They are responsible to assemble a product in entirety or in parts. Today, there are about 128,096 temporary team assembler jobs in American with a growth in number of jobs at 20% since 2010. Temporary assemblers can expect to earn about 13.25 dollars per hour on an average.
Office Clerks – This job involves managing administrative activities such as filing, making and answering phone calls, typing, etc. With about 132,264 jobs in this position, it exhibited a growth of 19% since 2010. Temporary office clerks typically earn about13.18 dollars per hour.
Customer Service Jobs – A customer service job description quintessentially involves tasks such as answering customer queries, complaints and providing relevant information regarding the product, service or organization. Today there are about 76,445 temporary customer relationship executives in America who earn an average of 14.90 dollars every hour. With a job growth rate of 19%, this is among the most lucrative temporary work options in the market.
Human Resources, Labor Relations and Training – Acting as a support to the HR department of any organization, HR jobs bring in about 26.44 dollars per hour for the temporary worker. There are about 59,600 jobs in this field in the market with a growth rate of 25% over the last three years.
Registered Nurses – A thriving career option in America in general, even individuals looking for temporary assignments can consider opting a job in patient care, advice and support. Provided you have the necessary qualifications, you are likely to earn an hourly wage of 32.10 US dollars. Today there are about 66,844 registered nurse jobs in the market which shows a growth rate of 15% over the last few years.

In addition to this, there are many temporary work requirements in factories, warehouses, construction sites and other fields that require skilled labor. Depending on your personal skill sets you can find a job that matches it. For example, if you hold a commercial driver’s license, you can consider taking up work a truck driver for a transportation company during the summers.

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