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    Insah Allah……what have nepal becoming. i feel sad for you mr diliprai.
    you country is going down the drain. you are proud nepali and you told me
    so many wonderful things information and history of nepal. i saluted and
    respected your kirat people and the brave gurkhas. but after seeing this
    video i feel sad for you mr diliprai. mr diliprai you have long hard work
    before nepal catches up with other developed Asian countries. And things
    like this video certainly make it harder for you. May Insah Allah bless you
    diliprai and helps you guide through the hard difficult period to overcome
    all obstacles. May you succeed in development of Nepal.

  2. infrareddreamz

    she is a ugly fat sweat hog and her dancing is stupid,, she needs to loose
    some weight.. learn how to dance and put a mask on or a bag over her face,,
    only think I have good to say about her is her tits are ok,, not bad tits,,
    but that is only good thing

  3. Pratiman Rai

    Bainee, you, despite being fat, dancing is impressive, keep it up and god
    bless you always.. i really love, nepali chelis challenging this way..

  4. Eddie Royal

    ha ha ha diliprai dero dimag chani apripkwa cha jasto cha ,,talai hindu
    govt bhana ko le sikayo ani kirat govt bhaneko k,,,,,,ha ha ha ta muji
    bhanda badi dimag ta mero lado ko cha …fuck off retard ta sanga kura
    garne bhaneko bhalu ko puti chat nu jastai ho ,,tesaile dont ever try to
    reply me u machikne randi ko choro

  5. Eddie Royal

    @diliprai 80% people in nepal celebrate dashain,,,kirats have migrated from
    china ,,may b they came here first but they dont have power n brain to
    protect there land ,,thats why u r minority now,,thats why u r talking crap
    now,,if u think nepalese only kirats then u r the biggest idiot ,,,last i
    respect kirats they r nepali n everyoneelse living in nepal is nepali

  6. Eddie Royal

    yo muji diliprai bhane randi ko choro ko rai cha ja pani machikne jaat
    bhaat ko kura matra garcha ,,ye lai bhete bhane ta mero guuu nakhuwera

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